Kalamazoo Dog Adoption Event was a Total Success

The Kalamazoo Dog Adoption Event was last weekend at the Bronson Park downtown Kalamazoo. The event was made for people to see dogs and adopt them into their homes.
Many dogs were adopted and got into good homes. There was approximately 73 dogs up for adoption and every single one was taken. This brings so much joy to me knowing the dogs are safe.
One dog was a fan favorite which stole everybody's hearts. His name is Lincoln the Chihuahua and he is adorable. Everyone seems to like Lincoln because there was even a little arguement over who could keep him.

One person, named John leader, is quoted as saying "This event is amazing and hope they do this again sometime. Good to see everyone happy and meeting their new friends."

The event was run by the company Wightman. They paid for the entire event including food, people to help, and rented out the park. Wightman is a company that knows dogs need homes and care for them.
They got all the dogs from the Kalamazoo Animal Rescue. You can donate to the shelter using this link.
Using that website you can also view more details about certain dogs and maybe get a dog for yourself.

Upcoming Events

Please visit Kalamazoo Animal Rescue's webpage to see when the next Adoption Event will take place

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